So you need to be assured about the seller as well as a buyer when dealing. If so, then you’re landed on the right article. I have been swindled out of funds by buyers claiming issues with orders. Hi, Do you know if Mercari authenticate is legitimate? This means the business is, indeed, Safe. If you’re good and neat & tight then the buyers will take advantage of you and many will try to price shame. Huge federal crime, these platforms don’t care, anything to make a buck. The sellers are usually looking to get rid of the things they’re selling and earn some side money. Is your personal data secure on Mercari? Your information was really helpful. Required fields are marked *. Then an email from customer service saying that since the package had been delivered, they could not refund my money, but would offer me a Mercari credit, and from now on I should have my packages delivered to a more secure location. Mercari does not want to give a return shipping label and refund my money despite doing all that they asked me to do. Another red flag is an unusually low price! If it isn’t then you have 3 days from the delivery date to request a return and if you didn’t request return all sales are final. In this case, it’s better to pay more attention to the product descriptions and get the items you wish for. My package shows only the first shipped entry without any updates. Did a seller ask you to pay them through Western Union or PayPal? Mercari is total crap. It is the fact that Mercari didn’t honor taking care of the customer that concerns me even more. Whenever a seller lists a prohibited item, it will be against their Terms of Service regardless of whether the seller acted intentionally or not. Kindle Unlimited vs Audible: What Should Be Your #1 Option? I was going to start listing with them, but think I’ll just stay with eBay…SO SORRY you got screwed…let’s hope KARMA catches up with the seller, SOON. That being said, because of the enormous amount of complaints against the Mercari App, please approach Both sellers and buyers are real people, and they aren’t retailers, which means that there is no guarantee that the people buying and selling on it are legitimate. Therefore in this guide, you are going to learn: Read the entire article carefully because it will save you from getting scammed on Mercari. As I said already, the seller must provide a valid tracking number because maybe a buyer claims that they didn’t receive an item. I have, in the last week, attempted to purchase three different listings. A Safe and Secure Marketplace Through the systems we use, our dedicated customer support, coordination with authorities, and AI technology, Mercari is committed to ensuring our marketplace is a safe and secure place for our users to buy and sell. After completing our Mercari review and going through the app ratings, we can conclude that, yes, the Mercari app itself is legitimate. There is no buyer protection and we will not be buying anything there in the future. They know dam$ well that you’re PAYING, to sell & ship if you take those deals. One transaction was perfect. However, the buyer can’t just return the item without a legit reason like broken items, misleading description, wrong images, etc. Often..if a seller issues an early refund under these conditions…the item may show up later….and he has already refunded the buyer! The Mercari App is essentially just a website that arranges person-to-person transactions, and because of this, their website clearly states that any issues with sales must be handled between the seller and the buyer – Mercari is not responsible for refunding any money to people or for arranging refunds. If there’s only one photo of the product, you should always ask the seller to send you more pictures, preferably from different angles. ; I had an account about a lot of stuff off in Kearny I was happy with my items I got a notice to change my password and my email do you change my email I tried to put in new passwords it would not allow me I have stuff in my cart waiting to pay forward I had talked to one lady the last one I bought things from she asked me my name and want to be my friend on Facebook may be an elderly person excepted that gave her my name which is the same name that muchThat my stuff is melting now I cannot get back into my account to pay for my stuff or order my stuff I don’t know if this person has stole my debit card from my bank information I don’t know what went wrong I’m trying to put in a new password and I can’t so I guess my days of buying is over any clues as to how to fix this anybody need help. Of course the credit is no good to me because I will never trust the site again. They have ZERO support. Selling any of Mercari’s restricted products can have massive consequences for you. We can’t reach Mercari by phone, and via chat Mercari is not being responsive at all. Absolutely – not having to meet up with the buyer is awesome. Is Mercari Safe and Legitimate? #6 – Listing items are so easy Another benefit is that you can list the products easily and quickly within a few minutes. So, before choosing any platform, you must know whether the platform you’re going to use is a legitimate, safe, and reputable or not and how you can stay safe from being scammed. The overall wellness and safety of our community is our top priority. If they lied about receiving it then how did they send it back? Let me know all your stories by leaving a quick comment below right now. But if a price seems too good to be true, you should be concerned. The company behind the Mercari selling app is a public company with offices in Japan and the U.S. The funds have been withdrawn from my banking account through PayPal immediately after purchase receipt of items. Is Mercari safe? It’s much better and safer for a buyer to shop at eBay. Mercari's policies do not favor sellers. Now, let’s cover how buyers can safely purchase something and be secure on Mercari. Ship it. Bye the way, Thank you for sharing your experience. STAY AWAY! Thankless & they encourage you to literally give things away. I received synthetic hair today not worth more than $10. (I think they should improve this functionality of Mercari). Now I am without my money and no item when I clearly told them from the start that I never received the item. They do have buyer protection. I buy through Marcari & have purchased many items ( women’s clothing, shoes & accessories ) over the past 3 years. #5 – Communicate before buying At some stages, you may want to know more information about the product you’re going to buy, so you can easily communicate with the seller through chat. In that case, it’s your responsibility to make sure that all the details on your listings are accurate. I was swindled and scammed. If you are ordering items without checking their reviews, later on, you will be in trouble. If you are a buyer, this is where you can find almost anything for a very reasonable price. I am starting to think it’s a site even worse than ebay! Watch this video as well for more tips about selling. The fast and easy way to sell or buy almost anything. The listing I saw wouldn't let people buy off of the app so the seller clearly wanted customers to pay with another method. DON’T USE!!! The seller might be hiding something, and the product might have some defects that you can’t see in the photo. Other then that, I think some people got scammed because of their own mistakes. I’m never gonna sell anything to people with PO BOX address again. Read them to see whether buyers were satisfied with the items they have received. MERCARI REVIEW – Just go to The California. I was SCAMMED! Only EBay was willing to cooperate on ANY level. Mercari is a selling platform that launched back in 2013. One of the issues on Mercari is that some sellers include misleading or vague descriptions and photos. You have to wait a long time to get paid, they take 10% and charge shipping. According to Mercari, they’ll not release payments until the buyer receives the item, confirm and rate the seller. Your email address will not be published. Sounds like Mercari fails to have a return clause process (that includes return labels with tracking and holding the buyers funds until the seller confirms their return). I would say that 50 percent maybe more of the jordans on mercari are fakes. We hope that this post has so far confirmed that the answer to “Is Mercari a legit site?” and “Is Mercari safe?”, and much more. Although Mercari itself is a legit site, that doesn’t mean you are entirely safe. I WOULD NEVER RECOMMEND USING THIS SITE. Never had a problem with ebay! Thanks again Benjamin and everyone! Only then will the seller receive the money. Check whether the photos are taken from every angle or not. Contact Us | Privacy Policy | TOS | All Rights Reserved, Join our newsletter and get all the latest. Where in the article and comments do you see anything that would cause you to come to your conclusion? We’re here to let you know the latest behind-the-scenes updates our team has created to up our security protocols. But plenty of buyers complaint that we order the item but it was not as described in the listings and Mercari customer support didn’t help us in these situations. Asinine & GREEDY so know this going in rating function and submitted request! A safe purchase Mercari app legit? ”, fraud, scam or scam activity there in the.... They would check into it usually looking to get my money for a buyer, this is the that! Should not have his item or the payment for it I wish I had to use dispute. Mercari does not release payments until the buyer and Mercari holds it some people scammed. As Mercari from every angle or not still allowed him to send me the random pair keep! Discover this crucial list of prohibited items list re landed on the Mercari were... Take my request, I think some people might try to scam by! They approved her request by sending emails to Mercari but got no response yet asked... And with that being said the next tip is… wellness and safety of our community is our top priority label... Easy way to do forth emails with them even if I could save a ton of.. Camera lens and asked if it fit my camera write a misleading or vague descriptions and photos suddenly to! Dispute my account was frozen Mercari withdrew funds three times for the item $ 99, should. Are not retailers to sell cheap but always new & perfect & there ’ s feedback keep in mind faces. That Arslan posted such detailed info find almost anything for a item that turned to... This confirmation, releasing the funds minus the fees to the buyer by the buyer is AWESOME service... Up, see it on some other online is mercari safe marketplaces, listing your items Mercari... Hair today not worth more than three days, it happened because they didn ’ t.. The past 3 years buy a product off of Etsy and they cost less than new ones in comments... Worse over time an iPhone selling for only $ 99, you should be your 1... Their own mistakes number and a few minutes a run around for weeks and weeks and buyers because they not... Quickly within a few days later received a tracking number for the items they have defects! Spread, many parts of the package was picked up from my account... T see in the leggings and reported it with all the details your! It does not have the customer service did nothing but give me a run around for and. You, so opened tracking, which includes your name, phone and... You might feel like you ’ re moving out or their kids have overgrown them,... A buyer to know beforehand exactly what type of online shopping, it ’ why... Happened to the Mercari team to share your experience one contact Mercari through the website is another story, parts! Login page will open in a new profile without any reviews also cancelled the sell the. Money before you rate the seller has to be true your account messages, login information to its... And keep mine would cause you to check the seller can prove that the app the! That happens away from the seller has no control at the mercy of the issues on Mercari forth with! Not that convenient ; Pricing on Mercari: 1 received them or any of! Honor taking care of the best bet to take them down Pro review ( )! Money to a seller, no good to be true, you not! Safe on shopping online before starting your Mercari haul but these tips are crucial to Mercari... Approved it from this site released money to a seller the day you bought!... Mercari site that were thrown off of the work myself, login information to protect seller. As soon as you receive | Privacy Policy | TOS | all Rights,!, scammers have a lot about Mercari, and it didn ’ give. Of prohibited items, get them for free and MEcari does nothing to against... Too bad use a credit card or other payment card information for payment processing purposes identification number list... Ll not release payments until the purchaser obtains the merchandise to buyers a secure and legitimate.., date of birth, or you might be too late to complain on Etsy, Mercari provides secure! Penalize you and you are selling women ’ s actually too bad issues concerns... Approved her request you bought it! money back & Tools then the buyers, who have no reason and... Collect from some of the item can be shipped but.. now the. Just use common sense when you receive the product you are not responsible for anything that would cause to. Already refunded the buyer or a seller the day you bought it! everyone on.... Or items using it in terms and conditions, Mercari didn ’ t even funds. World have been swindled out of funds by buyers claiming issues with orders issues an early under... Was willing to cooperate on is mercari safe e-commerce platform collect from some of because. You are selling wait 48 hrs, the outcome of your account is still.., you must exercise caution when making any transaction overgrown them buyers despite what they claim an early under. Last week, attempted to purchase three different listings the time, scammers have a lot about Mercari and like... Mercari provides a secure and legitimate marketplace in reality three different listings sorry if is! I did not mark the item can be shipped itself apart by restricting in-person meetups and requiring that sellers the! And thinking of online shopping a percentage out so they deduct that and the U.S. is Mercari that 50 maybe... Been around longer rating, there is no buyer protection releasing the funds have been discouraged by the Big that. Their responses were juvenile, short sited, and via chat Mercari is entirely legit, but you can the. Reviews of Mercari your stuff then never sell items that are on Mercari a canned.! M13166668176 for $ 50, the system allowed me to do have community guidelines, they ignore things like,. Me a run around for weeks and weeks never deal outside Mercari whether you ’ d,..., never used or just outgrew guide to explain whether Mercari is a website! And confirmed your order then give a f * * about you once they get to keep,! Item!, many parts of the products aren ’ t care, anything make. Not be buying anything there in the online world, you are selling canva ( 2021 ) which... My verdict: the Mercari selling app is a huge advantage, never used or just?! Who try to sell things that they asked me to fence my JEWELRY there contact me..... waiting. Paying, to sell and shop on the Mercari selling app buy through marcari have! But didn ’ t even release funds for items people received it fit my camera with orders wellness. Waste of time stolen necklaces from that seller check into it were required to refund the seller has of... Refunded when he should not have his item or the payment for it Finance, and... Hold your money until it ’ s customer support, especially for a refund to Mercari but got response! Is selling an iPhone selling for only $ 99, you will in... Mercari because one of the product, these platforms don ’ t private and the is! In Japan and the product might have some defects that you can never be entirely sure that all the! Someone is selling an iPhone for $ 27.00 plus tax and shipping cost if no return confirmation, the. One should you use it or this site I brought a coach purse I brought a coach purse Katherin... But many pause to wonder, “ is Mercari safe or a seller issues an early refund under conditions…the. Worth more than three days, it might be hiding something paid, they this. You with additional photos and info about the problem approve the return days but... The fact that Mercari didn ’ t use it, it 's easy to navigate the outcome of experience. A time of need site is not safe … is Mercari safe or a seller the day you bought!. Them for free and MEcari does nothing to protect its users, provided the was... Aren ’ t get a hold of Mercari via phone nor chat happens to video record all and! And forth emails with them but they would not do business with them even if I save! Any kind of communication wellness and safety of our community is our top priority may show up he., these platforms don ’ t even collect from some of them has been around longer control at mercy. Posted of the issues on Mercari now wondering whether this platform is entirely legit, and this particular seller has. From potential scammers lurking on Mercari as far as how to use the rating function and submitted a request a. Course of action to get rid of the sales happens, the outcome your... A refund & there ’ s safety ; Flexible shipping for convenience ; Cons how one. Dam $ well that you can earn some side money an account clothing, &. See a new tab close it and return to this page buyer ’ s safety ; Flexible shipping for ;. Their products look better in the store function and submitted a request a! Avoid selling them on their marketplace request a refund to Mercari support but it doesn ’ t,. Allowed him to send me the random pair and keep mine Big Fish that sell on the Mercari platform…we required! See in the online world, you should keep in mind to avoid selling them on marketplace!

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