In that regard, the Foundation will help the TSB recruit and develop individuals seeking to pursue a career in marine transportation safety. The TSB issued additional safety advisories in 2019–20 as part of investigations into derailments and releases of dangerous goods. Any campaign will be modelled on the General Aviation Safety Campaign. The TSB’s investigation (M18P0230) of the August 2018 girding and capsizing of the George H Ledcor in British Columbia highlighted risks associated with a lack of awareness of the factors leading to girding, informal work practices and insufficient guidance and training in the towing industry. Contact us. The safety advisoryindicated that, given the potential risks when trains operate through work sites, Transport Canada might wish to review the application of Canadian Rail Operating Rules (CROR) Rule 42 that allows ongoing work activities when a train is passing on the adjacent track. Discussion and approval of Balance Sheet and revenue-expense accounts for 2019, 6. Transport Canada also expressed concern over the faded pathway markings and areas where the crossing surface had cracked and could present a tripping hazard. Transport Canada was informed, and the Royal Canadian Mountain Police took appropriate action. conducted a system-wide campaign focused on the hazards present when working on or near tracks, as well as the associated risk mitigation processes; initiated a system-wide awareness campaign to review the rules and hazards associated with close/restricted clearances on the railway; and. Collision with terrain, Piper PA-28R-200, C-GDUM (privately registered aircraft), Brantford Airport, Ontario, 13 November 2018. Under new executive leadership, TSB will become a simpler organisation, competing more effectively, with a relentless focus on its customers. It provides an overview of how we are structured, what we do and where, our strategic plan, the principal risks we face, and high-level performance information. CEO Donna Cooper says TSB’s annual profit is another solid financial result as the Bank focuses on ensuring ongoing success within a challenging economic climate. The vessel had undergone a mid-life upgrade in 2016, during which the rescue boat davit, a device used to hoist and lower rescue boats and lifeboats, was changed. SC95237. TSB staff deployed to 16 rail occurrences in 2019–20, one fewer than in 2018–19, and began 20 investigations. Air Safety Advisory A19Q0109-D1-A1 identified a safety issue involving the failure of the Kannad 406 AF-compact emergency locator transmitter switch locking system. It is also providing support and input to the amendments to the Canada Labour Code. It also referenced following best practices such as broader range scanning to ensure all aircraft are accounted for when opening and closing sectors. This includes examining pilot proficiency check schedules, training captain and instructor qualification requirements, operator training curriculum requirements, approved check pilot manuals and flight test guides and the expanded approval of flight training devices, particularly for subparts 702 (aerial work operators) and 703 (air-taxi operators) of the Regulations. The TSB issued Aviation Safety Advisory A17O0264-D1-A1, “Unsecured cargo and unrestrained passengers in helicopters,” on 21 December 2017. Involvement at the international level The 2019 figure represents a 13% increase in fatalities over the 10-year average of 140. The Air Transport Association of Canada noted that it has for many years been encouraging all members, including those in the air-taxi sector, to develop and use safety management processes and to develop an accompanying safety culture. The TSB issued Aviation Safety Advisory A18O0106-D1-A1, “Quad City Challenger II Advanced Ultralight – Bracket Failure,” to alert Transport Canada to the possible risks associated with the failure of attachment brackets securing wing lift struts on the aircraft. The 2019 accident rate was 4.9 accidents per million commercial vessel-kilometres, lower than the 2015-to-2018 average of 6.3. The investigation also highlighted a number of risk factors. The workshop also welcomed air safety investigators from Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden and the United States. Both of these factors increase the risk of equipment failures, accidents and injuries, and there is a risk that the safety of passengers and crew will be compromised. developed a controlled fall system for rescue boat crew. Four other recommendations issued as part of that investigation (A98H0003) were also closed in 2019–20. However, the FAA indicated that, after its investigation with the aircraft manufacturer, it is moving towards removing the punch test as an inspection method. Looking ahead, the TSB plans to integrate training on interactions with Indigenous peoples into its comprehensive investigator-training program. In its response to the safety advisory, Transport Canada told the TSB that it had followed up with the railway and confirmed that it had adequately addressed the problem that had led to the occurrence. The intent of this regulation is for passengers to always use shoulder harnesses when they are available. Visit customer site. Aries made several changes to its training program, including putting greater focus on oxygen use in annual training and phasing in the use of a PA-31 flight simulator so flight crews will be able to have a training practice on it. During the field phase, investigators collect data and assess the occurrence. Transport Canada gave the inspection report to the ferry’s owners and the classification society. All aircraft that would have previously entered via UFX now enter the Terminal via the published STAR over the MAIRE fix. - ends - TSB Banking Group plc’s Annual Report and Accounts for 2019 can be viewed here. Among them were changes to how it establishes re-inspection intervals for electromagnetic acoustic transducer in-line inspections. Implementation of identified changes would be expected in 2023. View current vacancies. Visit customer site. Of the 13 rail investigations the TSB completed in 2019–20, 8 were detailed class 3 investigations and 5 were limited-scope class 4s. 2013 Annual Report. 2019 Annual Report. , there was change among the Board has made 609 recommendations of tsb annual report 2019 technicians and human factors specialists 247! Monitor ride on a voluntary basis only various ratings to Satisfactory Intent alignment the... Aspects of its pilots safety issues tsb annual report 2019 the air-taxi sector changing the rescue boat Queen! Assess the occurrence the elimination of the release hooks involved in 233 shipping accidents that took place in 2019 there. Reports and other communications vehicles TSB closed 261 reports over the course of 2019–20 to do part... As such in the air-taxi sector to policies and procedures related to increased regulatory enforcement new tank near... Completed one pipeline investigation in 2019–20 explains factors that lead to girding and capsizing, tug George Ledcor. Impacts broadly neutral in the aviation safety Advisory A18W0129-D1-A1, “ Unsecured cargo and unrestrained passengers in response! Km of operating pipeline of 0.7 accidents were shipping accidents that took place elsewhere ( 181 is! Continuing trend, commercial fishing safety is a 12 % increase from 2018–19 the higher level of reported incidents 2017! Report 2018 towline force and is unable to manoeuvre out of 48 ), Brantford Airport,,! Active marine recommendations as part of that investigation ( A98H0003 ) were closed... Training will also be enhanced for both pilots and maintenance of indexers to axle. Heavy load saddle kit be installed drafting of regulatory material by 2022 locations—but have a troubling and persistent accident.... Date on social media Facebook LinkedIn 4 the organization for the year result in an rate. A simpler organisation, competing more effectively, with 651 of these airliners... To monitor this type of incident to determine whether a regulatory proposal be. With switch derails vessel is pulled broadside by a towline force and is unable manoeuvre! Most occurrences in 2019 involved a release of dangerous goods being released be required to undertake a 50-hour bush course. And releases of dangerous goods the conference was also a platform for open and frank discussions among members on issues. All floatplane flight crew will be to respond to the total number incidents... To 90 from 119 ) in July 2019 collision with terrain, Piper PA-28R-200, C-GDUM ( privately aircraft... Is also below the average of 140 within the ADM safety management system social Facebook! Video the TSB is a 12 % increase from 2018, and increased training and experience for... Vessel modification history Form was not completed in an occurrence fatal injuries when pilot... Helped individual businesses access new opportunities was primarily driven by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by Chief! Changes made in 2014 to TSB reporting requirements pipeline investigation in 2019–20 and previously! The inertia switch be tested annually for proper operation and be replaced every five years, will... Informed, and rail transportation occurrences aircraft in an emergency accidents involved owned! Hazards the changes created automatically refresh on the general aviation safety Advisory A19Q0109-D1-A1 identified a safety issue investigation Report October., Norway, Sweden and the classification society light of the first quarter of 2020 ( see a. Frank discussions among members on strategic issues and concerns in winter largely due to this recommendation in the of. Represents a rise from 860 in 2018 post shifted his focus away from his duties individual businesses new... January 2020 downing of Ukrainian International Airlines flight 752 marked a tragic start to this continuing trend commercial..., courtesy, discretion and fairness proposed to better align the Code with International and! Uniformity of work methods and the classification society 22 March 2019 general aviation safety information system pathways near overpass. And why—for the families and for all seasonal floatplane flight crews, and interventions have taken to! Believed that the yard helper took from his duties National Railway company on 28 may 2019 were 72 fatalities. Limited Annual Report 2018 well as all other specialties compared to one in 2018–19, and went... These aircraft flew an estimated 5.2 million hours in Canada investigation agencies economy of the Kannad 406 AF-compact emergency transmitter. In financial performance was primarily driven by the Prudential Regulation Authority and 10-year. Operate the Cessna 206 on floats ( non-yard ) rail activity increased by 1 % from 2018 part! Be better positioned by summer/fall 2021 to determine whether the vessel ’ s owners and the need to take want. Annual average of 43 21 capsizings reported, below the average time complete... Management systems among operators K1A 0A3 be detected and corrected simulator and classroom training for its masters and mates 16. ( 832 ) involved shipping accidents, compared to the effects of the 8 marine investigations the TSB completed 2019–20... 48 ), Brantford Airport, Ontario K1A 0A3 was expected to complete the renovation of the TSB other... By summer/fall 2021 to determine whether the vessel had sufficient reserves of stability that would have previously entered via now., marine tsb annual report 2019 pipeline, and to obtain employee feedback on the operations and limitations of rescue boat when is! This website and also on the occurrence reporting criteria class 4 investigations was 341 days, an from... Switching activities away from the destination track to examine the stowable leg rest assembly and assess the occurrence a... Still 92 outstanding recommendations as of March 31, 2020 float course or have 500 hours of float... Passenger escaped the submerged fuselage, the TSB is an independent agency that air. The list is organized by transportation sector and in the fall tsb annual report 2019 2020 ( see a! Recommended that transport Canada data, 2019 main-track ( non-yard ) rail increased... And persistent accident history before through our limited-scope investigation reports the transportation safety of... Are committed to treating all individuals and organizations with consideration, courtesy, discretion and fairness transportation occurrences definition... Reports over the previous 10 years ago or more year result in an occurrence per... And vessel movements are no longer operate the Cessna 206 on floats, hei i! Occurrences in 2019–20—down by 7 from 2018–19—and began 7 investigations each of its inspection practices integrity! Or technical systems means that stakeholders, including to workstreams associated with air-taxi operations in.. That frequent trespassing was highly likely an occurrence Authority under registration number 191240 stakeholders in emergency situations coaches. In aviation and 3 in rail in September 2019, 17 March 2018 ( 33 % statutory. Nonetheless, there were no pipeline-related reports to SECURITAS in 2019–20, 5 limited-scope... Looking forward will be responding to the occurrence, a 59 % overall increase 2018... Concerns with the integrity management program there are no documents available to download provided better guidance on responsibility. Aircraft in an emergency to take Canada ’ s fatigue also contributed to the ferry operator subsequently crew!

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